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Z Awnings

Last in the phone book, but first in service!

About Us

Phone: (800) 585-3883 or (909) 349-2885

Fax: (909) 349-0012

E-mail: zawnings@aol.com

Z Awnings by D.A. Zimmer, Inc. was started in 1976 by Daniel A. Zimmer in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Donít let the name fool you! Z Awnings provides knowledgeable staff to do set ups of manufactured homes,† beautiful Trex or redwood decks and steps ( or if you just need an inexpensive replacement, we can accommodate that too). We can get your permits for you to get the job done. We can create custom built sheds to meet your space requirements. We will help you give your home a facelift; perhaps a new carport or just some new skirting or steps, and yes even a new awnings.

Dan is a firm believer in providing services fairly and reasonably. The company has been family owned from itís inception. He grew up in the industry with his parents owning Zimmer Mobile Homes.

The Company has provided assistance to the manufactured home industry and to parks for over 35 years. And we would be happy to provide you a quote in these tough times.

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by D.A. Zimmer, Inc.

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